Carers Information

CARERS – GP surgeries are usually the first place that carers have contact with the NHS and staff are well placed to recognise that someone is, or is about to become, a carer.  

Please inform the surgery if you are a carer or if you think you are a carer. There is a large amount of help available to carers both locally and nationally.

Locally, we are served by Durham County Carers (Telephone contact – Durham: 0300 005 1213 and Darlington: 0300 030 1215, website contact – Nationally, the NHS Website has lots of information also available to carers (website contact – ). Any Carer requirements, please also ask in Surgery. We can help with services and care.

Definition of a Carer

Carers are people who, without payment, provide help and support to a family member, friend or neighbour who cannot manage on their own due to physical or mental illness, disability, substance misuse or frailty brought on by old age.

Caring roles can include administering medication, lifting and handling, personal or emotional care. Carers should not be confused with paid care workers, care assistants or with volunteer care workers.

A “Young Carer” is defined as being below 18 years old, who carries out significant caring tasks and by so doing, shoulders a level of responsibility for another person which is inappropriate for their age.

This situation often arises when parents who have long term conditions are not offered appropriate help and support, although it is a fact that most children of disabled or sick parents do not have to take on such responsible caring roles.

The person receiving care may, or may not be registered at the Carer’s Practice. When this situation arises, because the Practice will not be always be able to ascertain that the Carer / Patient relationship has ceased, the Carer may be asked to re-confirm their Carer status.

Where the person receiving care is a registered patient at the Carer’s Practice, the Carer / Patient relationship can be verified more frequently, resulting in practice-held information being able to be modified when significant events such as death or de-registration occur.

Local Services Available to Carers

Durham County Carers Support offers a variety of different services to local carers.

We can work with you to help you find the information you need to care for someone and can inform you about other services to help you look after yourself. Durham County Carers can provide:

  • Information and Advice
  • Help with accessing and completing benefit and grant forms
  • Carer Breaks
  • Carer Support Groups
  • Counselling
  • Training
  • A Chance to have your say

Carers Card

Carers Discount Card – The County Durham and Darlington Carers card, developed in partnership with Durham County Council, Darlington Borough Council and NHS County Durham and Darlington recognises and rewards the support Carers provide to their neighbours, friends and family.

To receive discounts and concessions from businesses and organisations in the scheme, the Carer will need to produce their Carers card.

To apply for the card please contact Durham County Carers Support on 0300 005 1213 or use the ‘contact us’ page on their website.

Additional Information

Durham County Carers Telephone and support numbers –  Durham: 0300 005 1213 and Darlington: 0300 030 1215

NHS Social care and support guide offered by the NHS Website – If you or someone you know needs help with day-to-day living because of illness or disability,  explains your options and where you can get support.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to care and support
  • Help from social services and charities
  • Care services, equipment and care homes
  • Care after a hospital stay
  • Support and benefits for carers
  • Practical tips if you care for someone
  • Caring for children and young people
  • Making decisions for someone else

Please visit the Durham Carers website for the most up to date information for:

Support Groups – 

Annual Events –

Free Events – 

If you think you would benefit from support from a Counsellor regarding caring  please contact your Carer Support Coordinator or call 0300 005 1213

Durham County Carers Twitter page – – Please follow this page for the most up to date information. North Durham CCG hold a Patient, Public and Carer Engagement Committee meeting on a regular basis. Please check their website for latest dates and times –

Please ask a member of the Browney House Surgery team if you would like any help contacting Durham County Carers or if you need any advice or would just like a chat. We are here to help and listen.

Young Carers – The Bridge Young Carers Service

The Bridge supports young carers and their families across County Durham. The service ensures that children and young people are protected from inappropriate caring and have the support they need to learn, develop and thrive, to enjoy positive childhoods and to achieve their full potential.

Get in touch

The Bridge Young Carers Service

If you would like to access support from The Bridge or are interested in volunteering you can contact us via: Email: [email protected] / Tel: 0191 383 2520 (Monday – Thursday 9am – 2.30pm)