Browney House Surgery, Langley Park & Croft View Surgery, Lanchester

Patient Participation 2014-15 - Please click to view the 'Patient Participation Report' on the below link:

PPG - Report March 2015

Patient Participation 2015-16 - Please click to view the 'Patient Participation Report' on the below link:

PPG - Report March 2016

Patient Participation 2016-17 - Please click to view the 'Patient Participation Report' on the below link:

PPG - Report March 2017

Patient Participation 2018 Onwards... Due to the decline in interest and attendance for meetings from patients, the Practice decided to conduct an Improving Practice Questionnaire survey of Patients. The Practice felt that this was a good way to gain information  from Patients about the Practice. The questions asked and comments section will give the Practice pointers as to where services can be improved.


92% of all patient ratings about this practice were good, very good or excellent. The Practice are very pleased with the results. Comments made by patients will be discussed and added to an action plan. The action plan will be carried out during 2019.


In Jan and Feb 2020, the Practice will conduct the same questionnaire process. The Practice will then be able to compare results so that a full analysis can take place.


A copy of this report is also available in the Reception area.


Please ask Louise or Andrew if you have any questions regarding the questionnaire results or if you would like to be added to the Patient Participation Group. The Practice does struggle to recruit members so any interest would be very much appreciated. Participation can be in person, over the phone, via e-mail / text message, letter or notes. Any feedback (good or bad) is very much welcome.


Please click on the below link to view the most recent Improving Practice Questionnaire results (Feb '19). The comments section is on page 6.

Practice Questionnaire Results Feb 2019

Browney House Surgery Patient Participation Group (PPG)

We would like to invite you to the Browney House Surgery Patient Participation Group to give your views on our practice and how we can improve our services for our patients. The Patient Participation Group meets regularly and opinions and suggestions are freely exchanged at these meetings. We use the group to disseminate information to our patients and we hope that you will feed back to us your ideas via the group.


You are also invited to join the Virtual Patient Group the details of which can be found below. Your comments and ideas will be passed to the group members, to be raised at the next patient group meeting. We would like to have representation from a variety of people, so if you would like to join us please submit your contact details below or contact Louise Young, Chair of the Patient Group to express an interest.


The surgery is trying to put together an active patient representative group who meet quarterly on a Tuesday afternoon. Meetings will take place on the first Tuesday in April, July, October and January. Drop in meetings will be held at Browney House Surgery between 2pm and 3pm. Patients are welcome to attend to discuss anything they like about the Practice. Patients can also get a general update and discuss any concerns with the Practice Manager at a time to suit them. The Practice hopes that this new format will encourage patients to attend the above meetings. Historically, these meetings have been poorly attended.


The group supports the practice by actively participating and promoting new initiatives and developments whilst representing the views, wishes and opinions of the patient population. The group is currently chaired by Louise Young, Parctice Manager, who can be contacted on 0191 373 2860. If you would like to join the group as a representative please contact Louise. Any participation is welcome.


Virtual Patient Group

We are aware that a lot of our patients cannot spare the time or have commitments that make it impossible for them to join us.

Our patients’ views are important to us, so we are setting up a “virtual patient group”. By joining the virtual patient group you are agreeing to share your email address with us and this will be added to our computer system but not shared outside the NHS organisation. We will update you on surgery news and involve you in decisions we make about the surgery or its services. Plese let the Practice know if you wish to be removed from the Virtual Patient Group.


The health service is currently undergoing massive restructuring and there will be some difficult and important choices to make with limited resources so your views are important. If you can spare a few minutes why not think about joining our virtual group? Comments suggestions and feedback all welcome.


Please send your comments, suggestions or feedback by:

•Writing to: Patient Participation Group, Andrew Nagi/Louise Young, Browney House Surgery, Front St, Langley Park, Durham, DH7 9YT.

•Emailing us at [email protected] / [email protected] .

•Using the form on our Contact Us page on this website.

GP Patient Survey 2018-19 Results and Action Plan

Letter to Patients and Practice Newsletter -  Please click on the below link to access a LETTER addressed to patients regarding the PPG and VOLUME 1 of the new PRACTICE NEWSLETTER. Any feedback on this attachment would be very much appreciated.

PPG Letter & Newsletter, Oct '19, Volume 1