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Due to the decline in interest and attendance for meetings from patients, the Practice decided to conduct an Improving Practice Questionnaire survey of Patients. The Practice felt that this was a good way to gain information  from Patients about the Practice. The questions asked and comments section will give the Practice pointers as to where services can be improved.

92% of all patient ratings about this practice were good, very good or excellent. The Practice are very pleased with the results. Comments made by patients will be discussed and added to an action plan. The action plan will be carried out during 2019.

In Jan and Feb 2020, the Practice will conduct the same questionnaire process. The Practice will then be able to compare results so that a full analysis can take place.

A copy of this report is also available in the Reception area.

Please ask Louise or Andrew if you have any questions regarding the questionnaire results or if you would like to be added to the Patient Participation Group. The Practice does struggle to recruit members so any interest would be very much appreciated. Participation can be in person, over the phone, via e-mail / text message, letter or notes. Any feedback (good or bad) is very much welcome.

Improving Practice Questionnaire results (Feb ’19)

Please click on the below link to view the most recent Improving Practice Questionnaire results (Feb ’19). The comments section is on page 6.

Practice Questionnaire Results Feb 2019

GP Patient Survey 2018-19 Results and Action Plan

Letter to Patients and Practice Newsletter

Please click on the below link to access a letter addressed to patients regarding the PPG and Volume 1 of the new practice newsletter. Any feedback on this attachment would be very much appreciated.

PPG Letter & Newsletter, Oct ’19, Volume 1